Episode 56: What you resist persists – begrudging others! with Colin Sprake

Colin Sprake is a four-time best-selling author and mentor to well over 50,000 entrepreneurs!

Colin has built several different million dollar businesses within 6 months. He has over 30 years of business experience having come from the mining industry to building his own multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.

A dedicated teacher, Colin is the Master Trainer at Make Your Mark Training and Consulting and is devoted to people achieving huge success in their businesses. His purpose is to assist business owners to dramatically improve the number of businesses that succeed. After all, failing businesses affect us all in negative ways.

Using decades of business experience, Colin speaks and trains on a wide variety of topics for corporations, organizations & associations. Colin Sprake is all about delivering what is required to achieve the desired result and holding you accountable for your own success.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The 12 Beats of Building a Powerful, Successful Business
  • Why success doesn’t hinge on wanting to make money
  • How a “freedom plan” supersedes a “business plan”
  • Why creating a “vivid vision” for your organization is the key to hiring the best talent
  • How organizational core values help shape your own corporate culture
  • How honestly answering “What’s working?”, “What’s not working?”, and “What’s missing?” holds the key to getting to the next level of your industry
  • If you’re going to get ahead, you have to listen to what takes place
  • The importance of giving out gratitude
  • What a destiny profile is and why you should have one
  • Why identifying days of the week for specific focuses can help your entire team be more productive

Ways to contact Colin: