Episode 57: Growing from baby to a monster business! with Corbin Kempenaar

Corbin was born in northern BC and his family settled in the Fraser Valley when he was very young. He spent his formative years learning business and life skills in a hands on practical way from his step-father as part of the family property development business. It was these lessons and skills that has formed Corbin into being the passionate, driven, and dedicated businessman that he is today.

Corbin joined Mike’s Computer Shop nearly 10 years ago and has worked to help build, structure, and ultimately catapult the organization from a single stand alone retail store in southern British Columbia, to the distribution powerhouse that it is today, with 5 locations across Canada, over 75 employees, and sales to every corner of North America.

Corbin has a passion for business and entrepreneurs, and invests a lot of his time and energy helping businesses achieve success, through both consulting as well as strategic and creative investing.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Corbin’s business, Mike’s Computer Shop got started
  • The future of business today that has a bigger market than before but also bigger competition
  • The vision Mike and Corbin shared that allowed them to expand the business
  • What Corbin has done to stand out against giants like Amazon
  • How to make your next dollar more profitable than the last
  • Using advancements in technology to your advantage
  • Two components to help build momentum in your business
  • The power of making an investment in people
  • What Corbin would have done differently in growing his business if he could go back
  • How trusting your gut can pay off
  • Learning to let go and delegate tasks
  • Reasons forming a good leadership team is essential
  • Having a good culture within your company
  • When to start instilling core values to improve the culture in your company
  • Integrating new employees into the company
  • A big challenge companies face from the inside
  • Business advice Corbin wishes he learned sooner
  • Why being right and being successful aren’t always mutually possible
  • Not sweating the small stuff and focusing on improving instead

Ways to contact Corbin: