Episode 55: Business Brilliance, with Nick Psaila

Nick Psaila lives and breathes success as the leader of the worldwide phenomenon: The UPology Movement. Based on his groundbreaking book, UPology: “How to get UP and Stay UP from a Life or Business Beating”, Nick helps entrepreneurs remove the often invisible hurdles in the way of success.

As a public speaker Nick is a “powerhouse” of energy, knowledge, and compassion and his ability to entertain, educate, and inspire has him sought after by leading companies worldwide. He is also regularly media featured – CHANNEL 9 Mornings, CHANNEL 7, Today Tonight, and ABC. He is the founder of one of the top touring companies in Australia and the creator of the Business Reinvention Roadshow where he shows businesses how to use his signature 5 T’s to business and marketing Reinvention. He teaches how to dominate your industry, transform stagnant businesses into profit machines, get the right systems and create more time growing your business and so much more.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The importance of timing with respect to gathering team members
  • The pitfalls of considering success rates versus actual success
  • How to determine the capability of a team
  • The “cross pollination of jobs,” as well as the intricacies of cross-job responsibilities and how they can reduce a platform’s growth
  • The steps of effective team-building, which covers the on-boarding process, the education process and the culture-building process
  • How to handle the big competing commitments of business
  • The scarcity mentality, and how it can be more harmful than helpful
  • How to avoid being the “hobbyist zombie,” or someone who spreads themselves too thin—lacking the vital excitement needed to promote effective strategies and a healthy work mentality
  • The future of metrics, and how science is constantly changing the way businesses rely on mathematics to garner success
  • The importance of education to the foundation of all business

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