Episode 85: Letting Your Team Take the Wheel, with Mike Seymour

Mike Seymour is the owner and principal of MSR Solutions. He has extensive knowledge in innovative sewer and water solutions and land development which he’s grown since his start in engineering in 1985. Mike continues to be involved in the design, implementation, and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems and land development throughout BC and Alberta. He brings a thorough understanding of the integration of the water cycle, including supply, usage, treatment and return to the environment. He understands how the interaction of all systems can offer cost savings through the development of decentralized facilities, to support land development.

His motto is: Retention of both clients and employees is at the top of my priority list. That, and having an absolute blast doing what we do in the engineering world.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Mike got started at MSR Solutions, and how he got started with Colin Sprake as his mentor
  • How Mike was able to find and build such a great team at MSR Solutions, and why having a strong team backing him has been key to his success
  • How Mike dealt with the death of his wife, and how he temporarily checked out of his business when his wife was ill and after she passed
  • Why Mike learned the importance of trusting his team during the difficult period of his loss
  • How Mike has transitioned from directly managing his business to allowing his team to take on responsibility
  • What pieces of advice Mike would offer to other business professionals wishing to grow and transition
  • Why Mike believes it is important to find people who are good at the things you aren’t good at
  • What key lessons Mike wishes he had learned earlier, and why he has learned to “round his sharp edges”
  • Why Mike loves meeting his clients’ needs, and why he is willing to connect them to others who may have answers when he doesn’t

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