Episode 93: Secrets of a Government Sales Business, with Warren Prokopich

Warren is a Smart City professional with 30+ years of experience in providing excellence in the fields of Power, Automation, Advanced Pedestrian, and Intelligent Smart City Technology Solutions. He is committed to helping the citizens of our country arrive quickly and safely to their loved ones, and to provide governments with efficiency to deliver the best service to their communities.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The catalyst that got Warren to switch from industrial to government sales
  • Tips for running a business where you sell a long lasting product
  • Challenges of selling to the government, including the bidding process
  • Advice for dealing with the government and sales, and what increases your chance of success
  • Secrets to success when Warren was just starting out, and how he navigated the financial risk
  • The difference between sales and running a business, and why it’s essential to ask for and accept help
  • Why you need to know and really understand your numbers
  • Things Warren has done to make himself stand out in the crowd
  • The top secret for getting to the next level that everyone follows, from the top business owners to the top athletes
  • The sheer importance of understanding your numbers even if you don’t love them
  • Why you should rely on other people to help you, but always understand what they are doing

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