Episode 29: Mentorship, Think Big, Internal Reflection, with Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald is in business to be with and support free enterprise. He has, since his military career, wanted to protect and defend smaller businesses from giants like Telus and Bell. While they earn billions in profits – some to shareholders, most to the bank, ask yourself, where does it come from? Small Businesses. Family Businesses. People that work too hard and fail too often. Why? One reason is that HUGE companies cannot and do not have their interests aligned with both their customers AND their shareholders! Alternatives exist rather than supporting Telecom Companies with your hard earned money. Tom has challenged BC TEL / Telus for over 25 years, Nortel too.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The fight Tom had against the big phone companies at the beginning of his business where people picketed his business and smashed in his headlights
  • Why downsizing is happening in technology companies right now
  • The rate technology is changing right now and why you have to embrace that
  • You only have one life: how Tom’s life changed after a motorcycle accident that was supposed to leave him unable to walk
  • Why you need to get a mentor in your life as soon as you possibly can
  • Why you need to desire to be better and then seek out people who are better than you in the specific areas you want to be better in
  • Wisdom = knowledge + experience
  • Health, relationships, and money: why you need mentors in all three of these categories
  • Get to know yourself: why you need to follow your heart
  • Seek answers: why you need to be perennially thirsty for knowledge
  • Why you need to network with people who are better than you are
  • The power of setting goals
  • Building your company to sell — no matter if you have plans to sell it soon or not

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