Episode 94: Life Lessons from a Lifetime in Music, with Thomas Bähler

Thomas Bähler has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the entertainment industry. He composed music for Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, directors Steven Spielberg and Barry Levinson, magicians Siegfried and Roy, Superbowl Halftime Shows and a number of other high profile stage productions. As a songwriter, he has written many hits including “She’s Out of My Life”, “Living In A House Divided”, and “Julie Do You Love Me.” Thomas created vocal arrangements for the landmark charity event “We Are the World,” as well as for Barbara Streisand, Billy Joel, and the motion picture version of “The Wiz.” He served as Music Director for a number of events sponsored by the White House, including “America’s Millennium”, “Points of Light” and President Clinton’s Inaugural Concert. Mr. Bähler has also served as Music Director and arranger for “The Kennedy Center Honors.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Tom’s relationship with his father guided and shaped his life and his philosophies, and how it started with an Aesop fable
  • Why Tom looks at every major disaster that happened through his life as a great turning point that led to even better things
  • How Tom has worked with incredible and legendary music professionals like Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and Cher, as well as serving in the Ford Motor Company promotional band “The Going Thing”
  • How, in 1968, Tom met Henry Ford Jr. at a Ford Motor Company event and exchanged ties with each other, and other anecdotes from the remarkable evening and its strange events
  • Tom shares a family tradition of how to deal with unpleasant surprises, by asking “what do I want?” and then “how are you going to do that?”
  • Why you must be a good host to the ideas you have, then declare that you are taking action now, not in the future
  • How to reach out to Thomas Bahler, either through email or by connecting with him through Facebook

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