Episode 52: 1 Year Anniversary! with Colin Sprake

Colin Sprake is a four-time best-selling author and mentor to well over 50,000 entrepreneurs!

Colin has built several different million dollar businesses within 6 months. He has over 30 years of business experience having come from the mining industry to building his own multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.

A dedicated teacher, Colin is the Master Trainer at Make Your Mark Training and Consulting and is devoted to people achieving huge success in their businesses. His purpose is to assist business owners to dramatically improve the number of businesses that succeed. After all, failing businesses affect us all in negative ways.

Using decades of business experience, Colin speaks and trains on a wide variety of topics for corporations, organizations & associations. Colin Sprake is all about delivering what is required to achieve the desired result and holding you accountable for your own success.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why, sometimes, a long-term commitment is important, because it helps you learn how to be accountable to your employees, audience, and customers – and build healthy habits!
  • Using an early morning routine to help clear your mind and give you the necessary vision to make important decisions throughout the day
  • Starting your day off right so you are ready to keep to your commitments through meditation, exercise, healthy eating, or, of course, a combination of them all
  • Why it’s important to look back, recognize your own successes, and make time to celebrate your victories and congratulate (and reward) your team
  • Why without looking back and taking time to celebrate, it’s easy to keep pressing toward goals that are always out of reach, which can be very disheartening
  • Remembering that you will get tired sometimes – very tired! – but that’s okay, and pressing on remains important (as long you remember to take some time to celebrate)
  • Why mentorship remains important for business owners and why you must try to make time for a mentor relationship or look for several business leaders you can at least count on to answer your questions honestly.
  • Why it’s smart to find trustworthy business associates and friends who have specialties that are different from yours so you can share your advice and fill in knowledge gaps that you may have
  • Never choosing mentors or associates lightly and why you must do your research, consider their location, their future plans, and how your relationship would work
  • More about Colin’s successful year, upcoming plans, and more about how to be a success in your business without sacrificing your personal life!

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