Episode 4: Conscious & Sub-conscious Mind – Captain & Sailors, with Colin Sprake


Hi, this is Colin Sprake and I’m super excited to be here today on our business podcast because I’m going to take you through a topic on success habits that are going to get you really thinking and doing things differently because if you don’t change your way of doing things, you’ll keep on getting the same results. You’re Einstein’s version of insanity. Keep on doing the same things expecting a different result.

Today make sure you’ve got your pen and paper ready well you listen to one of the best business podcasts for your success. Make sure you are in a place where you can really think this stuff through because it’s going to really get you to understand what it takes to build a very successful business. People always say to me, “Colin, I want to learn more strategies. I want to learn so many new things on how to get my business to the next level.” But the challenging part is yes, I can teach you more strategies. I can take you through that and part of the podcasts are actually taking you through strategies: marketing, sales, different kinds of strategies. But what I want you to think about is I can teach you all that, but the most important part is once you’ve got the strategies, why aren’t you using them?

How many times have you gone out and been taught an incredible strategy only to go back home and that strategy is not getting implemented? There’s a very sad reason why and I want you to think about this as we get into this episode today because as we go through today, I’m going to get your brain doing things differently because I want you to get things you’ve never had before by doing things you’ve never done before. Make sure you get your pens and paper ready because this is one of the top-rated small business podcasts, MYM Your Business: The Brutal Truth with Colin Sprake and I’m will walk you through getting your head completely into the game.

I really mean that. Is your head in the game right now? Or are you wondering why you’re not getting results? There’s reasons why you’re not getting results. If I ask you right now, do you have success habits that you wake up every single day and do and you’ve mastered them, but they’re not serving you? They might be really bad habits. Bad habits are things like you get up late every morning. Bad habits like really knowing that you should be doing certain things in your business and you’re not doing them. Maybe answering emails and then you say, “You know what, I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll do it the next day.”

These are all bad habits that aren’t serving you and will never get you to be being a multiple seven-figure, eight-figure, even nine-figure business. Why? Because you need to shift, and wherever you’re listening, really envision this finger pointing in front of you. Like your hand in front of you, pointing back at you saying, “You are the challenge.”

When you look in the mirror every day, you’re the one that is responsible for the results you’re achieving in your life. I really mean that. You cannot say, “No, I blame my spouse. I blame somebody else for the results I’m not getting.” No, the results in your life, you’re directly responsible for those results so next time you want to blame somebody else, to me, winners take responsibility for their actions. Whiners blame other people for where they’re not at in life. The winners I want you to be from this podcast is to look in that mirror. See that person standing in the mirror and say, “You’re a winner. You’re the person that I want to make sure gets exceptional results in every way and form.” You know what? When you start to take responsibility and take actions for all the things that are happening in your life, that’s when you truly start to win.

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Let’s get into this topic on success habits today. I’m super excited for this topic today on our business podcast. I want you to take lots of detailed notes. Now our mind is divided into two. We have the conscious mind and we have the subconscious mind. Now our conscious mind, we have all our thoughts, everything else that go inside our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind … and what I want you to think about is if you had to draw a circle and then put a horizontal line through the center of the circle. The top half would be your conscious mind and the bottom half your subconscious mind.

Now in your conscious mind, that top half, I’d like you to write thoughts. What we think, our thoughts that we have what, what have you. On the outside of the circle, top half, I want you to put key things like what you speak, what you hear, what you see, what have you on the outside, what your culture is. Those are really, really important. Then I want you to draw arrows coming down directly from the outside of the circle down into your subconscious.

I want you think about this because in your subconscious mind, you have a hard drive. This hard drive runs your entire life. I want you to think about this. This hard drive is running exactly what you put into it; from your thoughts, what you say, what you see, everything. I want you to think about it because it’s also what you hear. All this information comes through your conscious mind and goes onto your subconscious mind, unedited. What I mean by unedited, your subconscious mind doesn’t know what’s right or wrong or good or bad for you. It just runs what you put on the hard drive.

Let’s just say, you want to run a spreadsheet in a computer system. Well, great, you have to have the software on the computer system loaded on that hard drive, loaded, so you can bring up a spreadsheet and you can work on a spreadsheet. If you want to do word processing, you have to have the word processing software loaded on that hard drive in order to access it so you can do word processing. The same thing goes for success in your life, you have to have success software loaded on your subconscious hard drive to get you the results that you’re looking for. If you’ve got malware or maybe you’ve got a virus or two on your hard drive, you might be wondering why you’re not getting the results that you’re looking for.

What are you loading onto that hard drive every single day? In other words, what are you putting onto your subconscious mind every single day in your life, your business, your relationships, your health, and your fitness? Let’s just say, what you hear out there from negative people, negative things around you, whatever it might be. That stuff goes onto your hard drive, unedited. What you say.

If you say things like I cannot remember names; how many times have you ever heard yourself say that or maybe somebody else say that? I cannot remember names. That goes directly onto your hard drive, unedited, and what runs on your hard drive? I cannot remember names. You’ll never be able to remember names if you keep on putting this information onto your hard drive. The same thing as I cannot find high paying customers, that goes right onto your hard drive even if you say this or you think this, it goes from your conscious mind onto your subconscious mind, hard drive and that’s what runs your life.

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If you think you cannot find clients, cannot find high paying clients, cannot keep clients, all the stuff runs on your subconscious, hard drive and this is what gives you results in your life. This is what gives you either exceptional results or things that hold you back and you don’t get ahead. I want you to really think about this. It’s one of my most passionate topics. You can probably hear it in my voice how passionate I am around this topic because people are wondering why they’re not getting results. It’s what you are thinking and what you are saying are going onto your hard drive every single day.

Dr. Murphy said it the best. He has a great book out there called “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.” This book was written in 1965 and people still to this day, I’m stunned why people aren’t working on what they put on the subconscious mind every single day because just think about it this way. Dr. Murphy’s analogy is your conscious mind is like the captain of your ship. It’s a captain of your boat so what happens is the captain gives instructions to the sailors on the boat and the sailors go and carry out exactly what the captain asks. The sailors don’t question the captain. The sailors don’t think it’s right or wrong or whatever. They just do what the captain asks. That’s exactly the same way with your conscious and your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind is your captain of your ship. Your subconscious mind is your sailors so whatever you think and whatever you say is an instruction to your sailors to go out and carry out. If you say, “I cannot remember names.” Your little sailors run off and guess what they do? Cannot remember names. Cannot remember names. If you say, “I cannot find high paying clients,” your instruction from the captain of your ship, from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind is I cannot find high paying clients and guess what? You’ll never find high paying clients. I want you to really start to think about this and start to realize every word you say and every thought you have, what are you putting on your hard drive? What is running on your hard drive every single day?

A very good friend of mine, Lenore, who’s a mortgage broker and actually one of our students, consistently said things like this. “I keep on finding clients who lie to me, that don’t give me all their info … maybe not lie, but they don’t give me all the information when they do their applications for a mortgage or refinancing. I keep on finding clients who have really tough mortgages. I’m putting these mortgage together. They’re so complicated and I keep on getting these complicated tough mortgages.” I said to her, “Lenoir, listen to what you’re doing. What instructions you’re going from … your captain of your ship to your hard drive and to your sailors. You are saying, ‘I find tough mortgages. It’s always awkward. People never give me the information,’ and guess what you’re getting? Exactly what you asked for because the power of your subconscious mind is running that programming.” It was such a huge epiphany for her. She was like, “My goodness, Colin. I now realize where I’m going wrong with this.” I said, “I would like you to shift what you’re saying and what you’re thinking to ‘I am finding clients who are easy to deal with, who want million dollar mortgages and we can get them done with simplicity and ease.'”

She started saying that and started to really internalize it and believe it. In three months, her entire business changed. Why? Because what she was putting, what instructions she was giving from the captain of her ship to her sailors completely changed. Those instructions were instructions of abundance, wealth, different mindset, exactly what she was looking for. My question to you is what are you putting on your hard drive?

As you sit in your vehicle right now, are you saying I’m going to see a client or maybe you’re not in a vehicle, but maybe you’re running or whatever you’re doing as you listen to this podcast. You may be thinking “ah, it’s so tough to get clients to buy my products or service. Or when I go networking, no one seems to buy from me. No one wants to engage with me.” You keep on saying that, your sailors are running out. You’re putting it on your hard drive and giving you exactly those results. Please think about every single thing that you’re putting on your hard drive.

My goal from this episode today is to get you to think about how do you become more self-absorbent and self-aware? How do you become more self-absorbent and self-aware about what you are saying and what you are thinking? The sooner we get you in that place, the quicker you will start to implement strategies differently. Why? Because you will think differently, do things differently and what have you.

Remember you are the product of the five people that you hang around with the most in all areas of your life. If you want to be super healthy and fit then you want to hang around with super healthy and fit people. You want to have an abundant business then you’re hanging around with abundant business owners. Don’t hang around with business owners that are broke because guess what happens? They start to talk to you about different things around their challenges in their business and why they’re broke and why they’re not making money and guess what? That goes onto your hard drive as well because it comes in unedited onto your hard drive into your subconscious. Guess what you get? You start to get the same results as them. You want to be hanging around with super successful people in all areas of your life.

Jim Rohn said it the best, “The results you’re getting in your life right now are directly proportional to the five people you spend most of the time with.” Think about this in terms of your health, fitness, spirituality, business, what have you. Who are you spending time with?

I joke about this at my events. People say to me, “But Colin, I’ve been friends with this person for so many years. This person’s my favorite, favorite person.” I said, “Yes, but is that person driving you forward and helping you go forward or are they holding you back? If they’re holding you back, you need to either do one of two things. Raise them up or push them down.” I never agree with pushing people down, but you can raise them up. Lift them up to a higher standard. If they decide to go back down, that’s their choice. Do not let them be a concrete block around your ankles, holding you back. Sometimes you have to do friend-endectomies.

People laugh about this. What does that mean? Well, sometimes, you have to look at who’s in your life, in the different areas of your life because in order to get ahead, you have to surround yourself with the right people. If you want to be a very successful business owner, surround yourself with five very successful business owners. That’s what happens when people come into my company and into our groups. The biggest part about our groups and the success of our groups, like minded people hanging out together.

I want you to get exceptional results in your life, but you’ve got to figure out what are you putting on your hard drive? Think about this. During the course of the day, what are you surrounding yourself with? People get in their cars. They come home at night. They wake up in the morning and they listen to the news. That to me is so negative. You’re listening to rape, death, murder, all that kind of stuff and then you wake up with that and guess what happens to your day? That’s what’s running on your hard drive. The worst thing you can ever do is listen to all these death, rape, pillage, murder before you go to sleep at night because what runs on your hard drive? This stuff just continually runs on your hard drive. As you go to sleep people lie in bed and watch the news. It’s probably the worst thing you could ever do because that stuff runs on your hard drive all the way through the night. You might wonder why sometimes you have really bad nightmares.

Even those different TV shows where there’s murder, rape, really negative stuff happening. You see that, you go to sleep and you sleep on that at the end of your day, that stuff runs and people have nightmares over the stuff and they go, “Why am I not sleeping well?” Because it’s directly proportion to what you do just before you go to bed. Before you go to bed, you should be setting up your day for the next day. Before I go to bed at night, I journal my successes. I journal my gratitudes every night before I go to bed … Just as I go into that daisy state, I state, may my day tomorrow be exceptional and I look forward to the day and the abundance in every single way. I say that as I go to sleep and I continue to say that so guess what I sleep on? My successes, my gratitudes and I set my day up.

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When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do in the morning is give gratitude for everything that I have; gratitude for my amazing wife, gratitude for my kids, gratitude for my life, and everyone else holding me to a higher standard. I don’t roll over, grab my cell phone. Why? because the worst thing you can do is grab that cell phone and then something negative and guess what happens? Your whole head goes into that game and you wonder why you’re not getting results that you want.

What are you putting on this hard drive? What are you as the captain of your ship, what instructions are you giving to your sailors every single minute and second of the day even while you are sleeping? Your conscious mind is giving instructions to your subconscious or your subconscious is running. Your sailors are running on what you gave them just before you went to sleep. What instructions you gave them will continue to run all the way through while you’re busy sleeping.

I hope you’re finding this super interesting today because it’s one of the most important things to get your head into the game and start to realize you are the captain of your ship. You cannot blame your family, friends, or anyone else for the results that you have in your life right now. You are 100% responsible and if your life is not where you want it to be right now, your business is not where you want it to be right now, look at what you are thinking and look at what you are saying. Once you start to understand that, then I want you to think about what I call the Four S’s.

Write the Four S’s in a vertical line down a page.





The top one is strategies. People say to me after hearing the small business podcasts, “Colin, I want to learn more strategies.” Well, yes, I can give you more strategies, but most people have learned so many strategies. How many times have you been to a seminar, workshop, retreat where you learn all this great information, you go home, you put the binder on the shelf, and it becomes shelf-help instead of self-help.

I want you to really start to think things through differently. The third S down before we get to bottom one, the fourth one. The third S down is I want you to think about changing your state. Change your state of mind, state of openness, state of acceptance, state of being and understand the power of your subconscious mind. Once you change your state and become aware of things that are happening in your life and you’ll start to realize the second S is stories. The third one is state. The stories in between so it goes from the bottom up; state, stories, strategies.

I want you to think in order to implement strategies differently and get different results from the strategies you’re learning, even the strategies you’re learning today right now as we go through this episode together, I want you to think what are the strategies you’re learning, but are you prepared to change your state first? State of openness, state of acceptance, state of being, state of willingness because once you change your state then you become aware of the stories and non-supportive stories that are happening in your life.

I’m fascinated by how many people have so many non-supportive stories. I’m too old to be successful. I’m too young to be successful. I don’t have enough knowledge to be successful. I need more experience. I need more credentials. Yes, in certain areas of your life, you do need credentials. In other areas, you don’t. The biggest thing is we keep on telling ourselves these different things and putting stories in our heads and guess what? Those stories go on to our subconscious drive. Our little sailors are running around doing exactly what we asked them to do.

I want you to become aware of the stories. Stories come from, mostly, the people we hang out with. When you want to be fit and healthy, you hang out with people that eat healthy, run, do different exercise activities, what have you. What stories do you hear? You hear amazing stories on how to become fit and healthy from these amazing people. Guess what happens? You could get to learn strategies, which you finally implement because those people hold you accountable to implementing them and getting to where you need to be.

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Most people are hanging around with the wrong people. It’s very difficult to become fit and healthy if your five closest people that you spend most of your time with are not doing any activity, are eating really unhealthy because guess what they’re going to tell you? Order pizza. Order these other foods. Order these fatty foods. Don’t run. Let’s rather go and do something else. Let’s go sit in the pub. If you learn those, you surround yourself with people that talk around those stories. Those stories go onto your hard drive. Guess what strategies you learn? You learn strategies of how to be unfit and unhealthy.

Just take it into your relationships in your life; the three S’s: state, stories, strategies. If your relationship right now, you’re learning strategies on how to make your relationship better, let’s go to your state. Are you prepared to be open, different, what have you? Change your state around your relationship. Let’s say it’s your primary relationship: your spouse, your loved one, whatever it might be.

You might laugh about this, but let’s say if are you hanging around with couples who are recently divorced. They’ve separated. They’ve divorced from one another and they are talking negatively about relationships. “Relationships don’t work. Most people have baggage. I never want to get into another relationship. I can’t stand men. I can’t stand women.” Whatever it might be. Guess what happens? You start to hear stories that are non-supportive around having a great relationship. The chance of you learning great strategies on how to have a beautiful relationship are really limited by hanging out with those kind of people.

You want to have a beautiful soulful, incredible relationship then what you need to be looking at is who am I hanging around with? The couples I hang around with, old people are they talking amazing about their relationship? Do they say the durations awesome? What do they do? Do they go on date nights? What are they doing to make their relationship amazing? You start to hear incredible stories of how they’ve got their relationship to be amazing and guess what? Those stories lead to an incredible number of strategies to get your relationship to the next level.

I hope this is making sense for you as you listen to this today on MYM, one of the best business podcasts and I hope you’re taking detailed notes because this is for all areas of your life. You might be saying, “Colin, I thought this was a business podcast.” Yes, it is, but remember the state of your life, your state of your business is often determined by the state of your relationships. Your relationships aren’t working at home, with your clients, with your vendors. Guess what? The state of your business is not going to be working either.

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You won’t be getting the results that you’re looking for so I want you to think about this, the three S’s. Now see, in the beginning, I said there were four S’s. I’m going to come to the fourth one in a moment. You go from the bottom up. Change your state to get different, then you’ll start to realize and become aware of the stories you’re surrounding yourself with or that you’re telling yourself. Then you’ll implement strategies different.

I want you to become very aware of the stories. Many people have non-supportive stories around them, which get them to think non-supportive stories and you’ll never implement the strategies the way you’d like to implement them. Why? because you’re learning strategies that are completely non-supportive because of the stories that you’re surrounding yourself with.

My question to you is who are you surrounding yourself with in the different areas of your life? Non-supportive strategies; let me give you a really great example of this. Like I said, I don’t want to generalize completely. To me, the worst people you can ever hang out with in business are those people in the same industry as you that are broke or financially challenged because here’s the thing. What stories are you going to hear? All the negative stories. That it takes three to five years to be successful in my industry. Or you know what? The economy’s down right now. Blah, ba-blah, ba-blah. All those different stories that are non-supportive that’ll never give you a strategy on how to be successful.

You wonder in your industry. Be hanging out with people that are super successful, that have different stories, that have strategies of success that you can learn from them because that’s how you get ahead. Please and you might be saying, “Well, Colin … there’s lots of competitors in my industry.” I understand. Maybe you’re a realtor. If you’re a great realtor or let’s say you’re just starting out as a realtor, go hang out with the five best realtors that you can ever imagine to hang out with.

Let’s just say you’re in the Vancouver market and you’re like, “Well, Colin, the five best realtors don’t want to train me in the Vancouver market because then I’ll become a competitor.” Great. Go learn from another realtor. Befriend a realtor in another office. Maybe in Calgary or Toronto what have you, somewhere else. Maybe the United States. Befriend the really successful realtors in the other offices where you’re not going to be a competitor to in their market space. Ask them. Go and fly out there and take ’em for lunch or maybe ask them if they’ll mentor you because you want to learn strategies that come from the stories that you surround yourself with, but the stories you hear from the successful people, you’ll get such amazing strategies that you’ll never look back.

The fourth S is right at the bottom, before you even get near to changing your state. This is the thing I say why most business owners go absolutely broke is stubbornness. Most business owners are so darn stubborn. They don’t ask for help. I’m telling you every time I think about doing something new in my business, I think who is a mentor that can help me and get me there the quickest with the least amount of stress and least amount of financial implications. I think about that immediately.

You might be thinking well, wait a minute. What do I want to do in my business? Right now is have Make Your Mark grow as we grow into a multiple, multiple, multiple eight-figure business. Our goal within the next two years is to be a nine-figure business. I am surrounding myself with people who’ve done that already, who’ve run 100 million, 200 million, 300 million dollar companies. Why?

Number one, that’s their skill set. They know how to get there. They know how to do it. If I’m going to go and swim the English Channel, I want to find a coach that’s actually swam the English Channel already that knows how to do it. I’m the same way with my business and every aspect of my life. I want to find somebody who maybe was unhealthy who became super healthy and knows what it takes to be healthy to get me to where I want to be health wise. I want somebody who knows how to have a great relationship, mentor me in how to have a great relationship.

The same with business. Who are your mentors in your business and in life? Or are you too stubborn to take advice from anyone because you think you can do it by yourself? Doing things by yourself costs you a freaking fortune, number one. You learn so much along the way, yes. Some of the best learning happens when you have challenges in your life, but just think about this. I want you to start to think differently. First, you have to get rid of your stubbornness. Then you can look at your state and change your state in every way and form. Once you do that, you learn more stories. You surround yourself with the right people and then you can take strategies you learn and implement them very, very effectively.

Now, I want you just to think about this going forward because I can tell you, we’re going to talk about this in an upcoming episodes of this business podcast, as well, around really getting your business to the next level, but it all starts with you. If you do not shift who you are, the way you think and what you do mind-set wise, you’ll probably never get where you want to be. That’s the biggest shift I see with people. People come to me all the time after listening to top business podcasts. “Colin, teach me business. Teach me business.”

No. What we need to first do is work on you, the human being. Get your head in the game. Get your mindset set. Get the right stuff going onto your hard drive, onto your subconscious mind so that when you think things and say things, your little sailors are running off and doing exactly what you asked them to do to get you the results you’re looking for, get you to the destinations you want to achieve, making the money that you want and the time off that you deserve. It is so, so important.

I thank you so much for listening today on our top business podcasts. You love what you’ve heard today? I’m sure that it’s got you really thinking. As you go off today, every single second of today, every single minute of today, I want you to be self-aware and self-observant of what you are thinking and what you are saying because that’s dictating your results.

If you think when you’re driving to a parking lot, ah, I can never find parking in this parking lot. Guess what? You never will. This stuff just runs on your hard drive all the time. Or, you know, I can never find high paying clients. It’s very difficult to find great staff members or it’s very difficult to find great employees. Most employees I have never stay. I have high staff turnover rates. You keep on saying that, it runs on your hard drive and you get exactly what you’re asking for whether you want it or not.

Please make sure you give us a review on iTunes so we can stay one of the best business podcasts out there; a really good, favorable review if you’ve loved what you’ve heard from the show, MYM Your Business: The Brutal Truth with Colin Sprake and give us a rating as well. Give us a good, high rating. If you found this favorable, please I want it to help people out there hear top business podcasts. I want businesses to be successful, where we have a successful business and successful families, simultaneously; the true thing of having business with soul because that’s what the world needs more of.

People need to become more conscious of what they are doing to serve humanity to a higher place and get things working in every way and form. Understand the power of your subconscious mind. Thank you so much. Keep listening and I look forward to being with you next week on our next show, but keep listening to this podcast for business, keep being abundant and be brilliant in every single way. Thank you so much for showing up. LISTEN TO ALL THE EPISODES OF ONE OF THE TOP BUSINESS PODCASTS – MYM Your Business: The Brutal Truth with Colin Sprake!