Episode 24: Success Habits, with Colin Sprake

Colin Sprake is a four-time best-selling author and mentor to over 47,000 entrepreneurs!

Colin has built several different million dollar businesses within 6 months. He has over 30 years of business experience having come from the mining industry to building his own multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.

A dedicated teacher, Colin is the Master Trainer at Make Your Mark Training and Consulting and is devoted to people achieving huge success in their businesses. His purpose is to assist business owners to dramatically improve the number of businesses that succeed. After all, failing businesses affect us all in negative ways.

Using decades of business experience, Colin speaks and trains on a wide variety of topics for corporations, organizations & associations. Colin Sprake is all about delivering what is required to achieve the desired result and holding you accountable for your own success.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Assessing your New Year’s resolutions…have you made those your habits and have they stuck?
  • Why the way to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a new habit
  • The most important time of the day: right after you wake up and right before your go to bed
  • Why you have to do your habits every single day (not twice a week!)
  • Colin’s nightly routine that you can use in your own life to set yourself up for success
  • The importance of saying thank you for the day ahead and the day to come each night
  • Programming your subconscious mind for a wealth mindset
  • Why you shouldn’t look at your phone or any other screen right before you go to bed after you wake up
  • Planning out your week at the beginning of the week and not going into a day without a plan
  • Why what you do every day has to be in alignment with your goals for the year
  • Stress: why this comes from bad planning