Episode 31: What Makes for a Great Partnership, with Peter Bond

Peter Bond is a seasoned Chartered Professional Accountant with over 25 years’ experience. As the founder of the firm, his primary role is to provide assurance and consulting services to both corporations and individuals. Peter commits to building long-term relationships that focus on helping his clients achieve their goals. His own experience as a business owner and extensive experience working with diverse organizations and individuals has honed a particular strength in applying practical and innovative solutions to financial and accounting operations and challenges.

Originally from South Africa, Peter has been immersed in Canadian public practice for the past 24 years and has successfully prepared financial statements and tax returns for a wide variety of organizations. His experience in assurance services includes companies in the real estate, high tech, service and manufacturing industries. Peter also performs tax and accounting services for organizations and individuals in diverse industries.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why you absolutely must have a mentor and what a good mentor does
  • If you’re a visionary or integrator, finding the other person to balance out your skills
  • Making sure your values align with someone before entering into a partnership with them
  • The right and wrong reasons to enter into a partnership
  • Why you need strong partnership agreements
  • Navigating the different needs partners have for a business relationship and why these can change over time
  • Why you need a great accounting system and a budget to always see where you are
  • Keeping a regular track of your cash — in and out — and adjusting when the numbers aren’t trending in the right direction
  • Marketing: why most technical people don’t do enough and why you need to focus on it
  • Spending your time on your personal time management

Ways to contact Peter: