Episode 25: Trust, C.V. & Communication, with Matt Hanlon

Matt Hanlon is an entrepreneur at heart. He collected his last paycheck at age 20 in 2004 and has been working on his own projects ever since. He started Kays Contracting in 2006 as a one-person show with the objective of delivering quality service to his customers. Timeliness, accountability, and honesty were keys to their success.

Over the past decade, Kays Contracting’s scope of work has grown and projects have become increasing interestingly and complex. The company has increased its revenue by 20 times over their first year in business. More importantly, they have maintained profitability through the steady growth. His company employs seven full-time staff members and has a large network of customers, subcontractors, and suppliers that they work with closely every day.

As an individual and a business owner, Matt is always open to new possibilities and challenges. Make Your Mark and the KAP-IT program are part of what he does to push the boundaries and keep moving upwards and forward.

Matt has become a family man in the last two years and the adventures with his wife and son have changed his outlook and focus and given him new inspiration.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to protect your reputation so that you continue to get great business
  • Verify and clarify: what you need to do when something goes wrong and you have to fix a mistake with a customer
  • Being comfortable with being uncomfortable: why this is so important for the growth of your company
  • Bringing people into your company and delegating tasks to them so that your time is spent doing the tasks only you can do
  • Developing the trust needed to delegate tasks to employees
  • Why your employees need to buy into your vision and your core values
  • The importance of communication with both your team and your customers

Ways to contact Matt: