Episode 41: Be Different or Be Dead, with Lisa Dendwick

Lisa Dendwick is a wife & mother to 3 wonderful boys. Lisa enjoys creating her business in the eyewear industry.

Lisa — who has been in the business of helping people see for over 26 years — was at work one day when a woman came in distraught. The lady’s uncle had broken his hip and had ruined his glasses in the fall. Because this man had a very high prescription it was necessary to take measurements from him with his new frames. The company at which she worked was not set up to help the family. With broken hips it is possible that this man was not able to see his family clearly for the last weeks of his life, and that is where the idea for Everywhere Eyecare came from.

Lisa travels to homes, businesses, and seniors centres and provides glasses and eyewear maintenance to people all over Edmonton and the area. For Lisa, it is important that every person feels that they matter and that they can get the care they need, no matter their circumstances. As such Lisa has provided glasses for a whole range of people and has frame and lens choices that you will not find in stores. If you are local to her she is happy to set up an appointment for you.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How an unfortunate incident another person experiences allows us to assist them while also creating new opportunities for us to share our talents
  • Ways that those with skills to offer and enthusiasm to share can develop a successful mobile business with advance planning
  • Why ‘cheaper’ is not always better and why it is better to be known for the quality you offer rather than how cheaply you can do things
  • Reasons it is important to plan ahead, such as by developing your price list and choosing partners and associates carefully to assure there is synergy
  • How Lisa lives by this creed: “If it is to be, it’s up to me”
  • Why it is important to be consistent and always move forward as your goals evolve
  • Investing in supportive outsourced talent, such as accountants and lawyers who can guide you, is a wise decision
  • Why self-directed entrepreneurs must take care of their health since their livelihood depends on their wellbeing

Ways to contact Lisa: