Episode 15: What is Your Purpose?, with Levi Sanford

Levi Sanford is widely regarded as a global leader in direct response advertising, lead generation, and online conversion strategy. He transforms online advertising campaigns for the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and brands in over 47 industries across 5 continents, spending over $30 million and receiving over 53 billion ad impressions in the past 5 years alone.

Levi believes that we can truly solve the world’s problems through effective campaigning. Levi’s mission is to help people who may be on their last dollar or last day of hope find a way to improve their businesses and improve their lives so they can fulfill their purpose and destiny in life. Levi enjoys using his passion for creativity in everything he does and loves spending time with his wife Emily and their beautiful pet capybara!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Levi’s company ‘We Fill Events’ helps people make an impact on the world by giving their message a greater reach through a system of advertising through landing pages and Facebook ads
  • The Lead Relationship Development System: a stick sequence that gets people to show up to your event
  • Start with “why”: this powerful lesson that Levi learned from attending one of Colin’s Mastery events and how it made him heart-based, customer-focused, and mission-centric
  • Focusing on what matters for your business so you don’t spread yourself too thin
  • The importance of developing new skills to reach the next level in your business
  • Why your mission can only be accomplished with a strong team and network and why you have to let go and delegate

Ways to contact Levi: