Episode 87: Finding Courage From Within, with JJ Virgin

Celebrity Nutrition Expert and Fitness Hall of Famer JJ Virgin teaches clients how to break through food and carb intolerances, so they can finally lose the weight to transform their health and their lives.

JJ is a prominent TV and media personality, whose previous features include co-host of TLC’s Freaky Eaters, 2 years as the on-camera nutritionist for Weight Loss Challenges on Dr. Phil, and appearances on PBS, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, Access Hollywood, and the TODAY Show. She also speaks regularly and has shared the stage with notables including TD Jakes, Tony Robbins, and Brendon Burchard. JJ is the author of four NY Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook.

Her latest book, Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience, shows mothers everywhere how to be strong, positive leaders for their families, while exploring the inspirational lessons JJ learned as she fought for her own son’s life. JJ hosts the popular JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show podcast, with over 4.5 million downloads and counting. She also regularly writes for Rodale Wellness, Mind Body Green, and other major blogs and magazines.

Find articles, recipes, helpful online programs, and more at www.jjvirgin.com.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why JJ became an English major in college after a professor insulted her writing, and why JJ believes in never doing things she doesn’t enjoy
  • What important lessons JJ has learned throughout her career that she wishes she had learned earlier
  • How JJ co-authored her first book with her then-boyfriend, who had her sign a contract saying he had the rights to everything she did for the rest of her life
  • How JJ has learned to respond to people telling her “success was easy for you because…”
  • Why JJ is glad that success is difficult to obtain, and why she continues to work hard and grind for her continued success
  • Why JJ is always looking for opportunities to move outside her comfort zone, and how her family got through her son’s life-threatening injury
  • How JJ managed to handle the intense pressure of desperately needing her book to sell to fund her son’s recovery while serving as the breadwinner for her family
  • Why JJ took a life-altering field trip to a level 4 maximum security prison with 70 other entrepreneurs to speak to and mentor the inmates
  • How to find out more about JJ’s work, her writings, or to contact JJ Virgin with comments or questions

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