Episode 97: The Power of Passion, Thoughts, and Beliefs, with Janet Attwood

As a Co-Founder and President of Enlightened Alliances, Janet Atwood oversaw the marketing and PR that enabled her book, “The Passion Test, the Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose” to become a NY Times Bestseller.

The Passion Test has had made a huge contribution to turning the passion statistics upside down, enabling thousands of people to choose in favor or their passions thereby positively influencing how people live and work. There are now over 300 Certified Passion Test Facilitators around the world. By next year that number will have doubled.

Janet Attwood is also a presenter of The Passion Test and has presented my programs as a featured speaker to thousands of people at events like T. Harv Eker’s Wealth and Wisdom conference, The Kaballah Center, Jack Canfield’s Success Programs, and more.

Janet is also a founding member of Jack Canfield’s, “Transformational Leadership Council”, whose members consist mainly of top authors and speakers from around the world. She is President of “The World United”, an organization in India that connects all individuals who are committed to Personal and Planetary Evolution and a founding member for S.A.N.G., a group of world class internet marketers and speakers.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What the Passion Test is, how it works, and how its exercises can help people crystallize their goals for all aspects of their lives and then achieve them
  • Why the focus of the Passion Test is to help people achieve clarity and fulfillment and to find the happiness they seek
  • Why being passionate about what you do in your business can help guide you to prosperity and joy
  • Why following your passion doesn’t mean you won’t have to do hard work but means that you will be more focused and prepared to do the work
  • Where the idea for the Passion Test came from when Janet was struggling in a job she hated and realized she needed to make a critical change in her life
  • Why successful people don’t focus on past failures and spend time on self-criticism, but rather focus on their past successes as proof that they can achieve
  • Why high-achieving people don’t listen to their limiting beliefs and their inner critic, and why it is important to develop a “self-love mantra”
  • Why, whenever you are faced with a choice or decision, you should always choose in favor of the things you are passionate about
  • How to learn more about Janet Attwood and the Passion Test, as well as how to receive a free gift from Janet

Additional resources:

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