Episode 81: Productive Days and Golden Hours, with Alex Nuhiyev

Alex grew up in a poor family where they all lived in a 460 sq ft apartment. Alex began working during summers at the age of 11 for his uncle. At the age of 15, Alex was able to help feed his family, graduated from a University by paying for it all by himself and became the head coach in Arm Wrestling in Azerbaijan. Also, he has traveled the world, married his spouse, and moved to Canada, where they started a family and now have two teenage boys. Alex started True North Labour (TNL) in 2015 and sold four homes to get where he is today. His main goal is to add value to the labor industry and change lives for the better through employment.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Alex’s morning rituals dramatically affect the work he does as CEO of his company True North Labour
  • Why Alex takes an ice-cold shower every morning while practicing and repeating his daily mantra
  • Why affirmations, prayer and reading each morning set the tone for Alex’s day and prepare him for a mindset of gratitude and success
  • Why a daily routine is important, and why repetition and consistency are the keys to getting the most out of your routine
  • How meeting Colin Sprake made a profound impact in Alex’s life and taught him the power of intention
  • How Alex hit a wall in his business success, and how he overcame the challenge and broke through the wall
  • How Alex utilizes “golden hours” and “platinum hours” to maximize his productivity and generate new prospects
  • Which valuable lessons Alex wishes he had learned earlier in his career, and why he values learning experiences rather than calling them failures
  • Why it is worthwhile to accept your own vulnerabilities and ask for help from the people around you

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